About Us

Multiples Alternate Asset Management Private Limited (Multiples) is an India-focused investment advisory firm that manages USD 1 billion of Private Equity Funds. The Team at Multiples comprises of seasoned private equity investors who operate with an entrepreneurial mindset and have full cycle track record of investing, nurturing and exiting investments.

Multiples believes there are three ingredients to successful investing in India – careful selection based on conviction in the entrepreneur and opportunity; finding a solution beyond just providing capital; and mutual selection between the entrepreneur and the fund.

The funds managed by Multiples are invested across different sectors. Multiples Fund I has made 11 distinctive investments diversified across sectors, life stage of the company and geography. Fund II was launched in 2015 and will also be sector-agnostic, looking at differentiated business models across the spectrum in India. Fund II has made investments in 8 companies.

The Funds advised by Multiples have been raised from fifteen leading Indian and International Institutions. These include commitments from several global pension funds across Europe, N. America and Asia along with some of the biggest Indian financial institutions. Select successful entrepreneurs and professionals, who hold leadership positions across various industries, have also invested into the funds and they, in some way, form a high quality expert network with aligned interests that the team taps as and when needed.

Multiples was founded by Ms. Renuka Ramnath in 2009. Prior to setting up Multiples, she was the MD & CEO of ICICI Venture, a leading private equity fund in India.

Multiples is guided by its vision to generate Superior Returns by Creating Distinctive Investments with Conviction and forging lasting Partnerships with all Stakeholders.